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Book  Presentation of "Art Forms in Mechanism" by Linarejos Moreno, in conversation with Dr. Fabiola López Durán.

This limited edition is the culmination of the artist’s monumental project, Art Forms in Mechanism (2019-2017). The project, which took the form of an impressive installation composed of photographic images printed on burlap and industrial objects from her family’s factory, was exhibited for the first time at the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Tabacalera Promoción del Arte in Madrid during PHotoESPAÑA 16.

With this volume, Linarejos brings to a close a project that began with an intervention on Karl Blossfeldt’s original edition of Urformen der Kunst (Art Forms in Nature, 1932) and would span eight years spent photographing nineteenth-century botanical models from the scientific cabinets of Madrid’s historic teaching institutes. The present edition is intended to be a facsimile of the project, including the original intervention on the Blossfeldt book as well as additional essays by American critics Fabiola López Durán and Surpik Angelini.