The Transart Foundation
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About Transart

Transart is a multidisciplinary space that supports experimental work at the intersection of art and anthropology.
The building is located in the museum district of Houston, Texas at 1412 West Alabama Street, near the Menil Collection.

About the Founder

Surpik Angelini is a Houston based artist, independent curator, and writer. Her work is rooted in the overlapping disciplines of art, architecture, and cultural anthropology.

Trained in art at Mills College and Cornell University (1966-68) and in architecture and urban planning at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (1971-76), she obtained her BArch from the University of Houston (1979). With artist-theorist Abdel Hernandez, she founded the Transart Foundation: a workshop for Art and Anthropology based in Houston, TX.  Surpik has directed since 1996, pushing the foundation's mission to support artists and scholars involved in relevant social, anthropological and interdisciplinary research.

Surpik’s artistic vision was impacted by her collaborative performances with John Cage and Gordon Matta Clark (1966-68); her theoretical studies with Thomas McEvilley (1990-1994) at Rice University and her association with the Rice Department of Anthropology (1997), when they co-sponsored Transart’s Artists in Trance: New Methodologies in the Work with the Other, a semester program of lectures, documentary films and cutting edge exhibitions of anthropologically based art, she co-curated with Hernandez in 1997. As an artist she exhibited in solo and group shows in Houston.

As a cultural researcher, she lectured in universities and museums throughout the country. Her critical essays have been published in art magazines, academic journals, artist's catalogs and monographs.

Presentation of “SKETCHES,” a book by surrealist painter  Jorge Camacho

Presentation of “SKETCHES,” a book by surrealist painter Jorge Camacho